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Welcome To CD Media ProductionsNorthern Irelands Finest Wedding Videographers

Wedding Terms & Conditions.

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully. Thank you.



Please Note: Customers can collect there DVD when ready, or you can have your package posted by Recorded Delivery. Postage charge for packages is £10.00. Packages are posted at the customers own risk. We will not replace any lost items.



Please Note: As a consumer, you have the right to cancel your booking within 7 Days of booking with us in person and paying by cash. If you book online, you have the right to withdraw within 14 days of booking. The first day is counted on the day you book. A refund will be issued within 28 days of cancellation for any extra amount paid above your deposit amount, your deposit is non-refundable immediately after booking. If you book short notice and within 6 weeks of your wedding, your payment is required in full and is non-refundable immediately after booking. Once you enter into your contract in our Terms and Conditions below, you are liable to all the information included.




Wedding in high density areas like Belfast City Hall, Derry Guild Hall and all other similar locations in Belfast and Derry, including hotels in City Centres with inadequate parking. You must arrange for your videographers car to be given access to the building. Failure to provide this will result in your production being cancelled with immediate effect. No refund will be awarded if you do comply with these terms.

Terms and Conditions, Agreement of Services and Inventory.


a. Provisional Booking. You can make a provisional booking by contacting us on either method on our website. A provisional booking will only be placed on your date with the intention of booking. A provisional booking will only be held for a maximum of seven days, until you have met with our staff to secure your booking with the deposit required. If you do not secure your booking within seven days, in person or online your date will be opened to others. We can not simply hold your date until you make up your mind.
b. Secured Booking. To secure your booking you must agree to these terms, when you book, you agree to the terms and to any future changes that will be made. You must pay a 25% Deposit or whichever amount has been given to you by our team. By booking with us, you agree to all of our terms in full and any changes that may be made to them.
c. Booking Form. You should supply us with as much information as possible on your booking form, including each section as appropriate. The form remains the property of CD Media Productions. You will be given a copy of the form. All information must be correct, any fraudulent information is a criminal offence. If any of your details change, you must inform us. We cannot be held responsible if we cannot contact you.
2.   Payment, Missed Payments, Cancellation & Refunds.
a. Deposit. Your 25% Deposit must be paid on the day you book. The 25% Deposit is non-refundable immediately after booking, this withholds your date from other customers and secures your booking. You have the right to cancel your booking within seven days of booking, this includes the day you booked.
b. Final Balance. Your final balance is required 28 days before your event or on the due date we give you. The final balance must be paid in full on or before this day. If you have not paid your final payment in time, your event will be cancelled without notice and any monies you have paid will not be refunded. The final balance can be paid off in stages or in full before your due date. The final balance is non-refundable after the due date we have given you. If you do not pay on time, your account will be sent for collection.
c. Cancellation. If you cancel your event for whatever reason, or if we cancel it for no-payment or due to any criminal nature or non-upholding of these terms, your deposit is non-refundable. Your full balance is non-refundable with 28 days or less before your event. Your full balance is payable if you are in breach of contract.
d. Cancellation Charges. When you book your event, you understand that we turn down other work at potential loss to our company. Depending on how much notice you give us, we will charge you as follows: 1 Year or more notice: £free, 12 months or less notice: The full balance is required unless your entire event has been cancelled. £50 charge then applies.
e. Changing Your Date. If you need to change your date, you must cancel your original booking with us. You are entitled to re-book a new date for your event with us providing you do so within six months of cancellation, this is subject to availability. There is a re-booking fee of £20 which is payable on booking your new date. Your original booking deposit will be deducted from the price of whichever package you choose, you will be subject to our current prices at the time of re-booking. If you choose a more expensive package than your original booking, the balance of the deposit will also be due. If you choose a less expensive package, your original deposit will only be valued at the current deposit price for the lesser package.
 If you change your date and then later cancel, full payment of your original balance will be due within 7 days.
3.   Your chosen Package.
a. Availability. The package you require is subject to availability and is only guaranteed when you book.
b. Changing the Package. If you decide you would like to change your package, you are not permitted to downgrade to a lesser package. You are only permitted to upgrade your package. Upgrading your package is subject to availability.
4.   Your Credits Form.
a. Filling Out the Form. Your credits form must be filled out clearly online, we cannot be held responsible for any spelling mistakes or otherwise if you do not comply with this rule.
b. Charges. There are no charges for filling out your Credits and Music online.
c. Bridal Party Section. You must fill out this section. Use the Other Important Titles section to fill out any other persons that we have not noted on the form. We cannot be held responsible for anyone important who has not appeared on the credits.
d. Guest Section. There is a charge of £25.00 to include your guests on the credits. You can use a separate sheet and send this with the form if you wish. It must be filled out in capital letters. We cannot be held responsible for any spelling mistakes if you do not comply with this rule.
c. Suppliers Section. This section is not compulsory although it is standard to acknowledge everyone who has catered for your event. Use the Others section to fill out any other service you would like to include. We cannot be held responsible for any service you have missed out.
d. Music Section. You are free to choose any music you wish, although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to source it all. If we can source all of your choices, we cannot guarantee that it will be used in its entirety. If you wish that we should choose your music, we cannot be held responsible for anything your are not happy with. You should choose one piece of music for each of your credit sequences. You should choose the remainder for during your production in order of your first preference.
e. Special Thanks Section. Use this section to include any special message to anyone you wish. This section is not compulsory.
f. Dedication Section. If you wish to dedicate the production to anyone or indeed a list of people, you can do so. If you wish to include a in memoriam tribute with a photograph, do not post the image: Your image must be emailed. If you are including dates, you are responsible for any incorrect in formation sent.
g. Date of Event. Include your correct event date.
h. Name. Include your full name as on your booking form.
i. Details. Include your full address, postcode, telephone numbers and email.
5.   Copyright Music Recording Licence.
a. The Licence. The MCPS Music licence that you will receive entitles CD Media Productions to film your event without hindrance. It legally covers us to record hymns or any music played at your wedding ceremony, by your band, DJ or otherwise.
b. On receipt. On receiving your licence, you should show this to however is conducting your wedding. Your reception provider, band and DJ may also wish to view this document, although this is not compulsory. Failure to show your licence to your minister, priest or registrar may result in disruption of your event being filmed. We will not be held responsible for your failure to comply. You will receive the licence two weeks before your event.
c. Licence Holders. CD Media Productions will retain two copies of the licence, one digital and one to be used at your event and later filed. You should retain your copy for future reference. MCPS will also retain a copy.
6.   Final Arrangements.
a. Contacting You. You must be available to be contacted before your event to finalize any plans or change any important information regarding your event. We cannot be held responsible for any information you have not given us.
b. Organisation. We will organise specific times for major events to be included on contacting you. You will be obliged to allow for intervals in filming.
7.   Filming Arrangements on the Day. (Packages Vary on events to be filmed)
a. Morning Bridal/Groom Shoots. We will give you a time for these shoots. It is important that you be dressed for these events. The shoots must go ahead at the time we give you, if you are not dressed we cannot be held responsible for anything you are not happy with. The events will have a time frame of 15 minutes each, if you are not available for either of the shoots, the shoot will be cancelled. We will move on to the next shoot and no refund will be made for anything that you have not complied with. These shoots will be shot with one camera, regardless of whether or not you have a one camera or two camera package.
b. Pre-Ceremony. We will shoot from one hour and a quarter before your ceremony begins. We cannot rearrange this time frame to suit, this time frame is used to shoot your opening sequence and to set up for arrivals and the ceremony.
c. Arrivals. Only small segments of your guests arriving will be filmed. The bridal party arrivals will be filmed.
d. The Ceremony. Your ceremony vows will be filmed in full. We can only film from the vantage points that your priest, minister or registrar etc permit us to film from. We cannot be held responsible for any inconsideration of filming positions that we would not choose to shoot from under our direction. It is our advice that you do not choose to have your ceremony in a low light setting. We cannot be responsible for this action. Your musicians etc should be placed well away from altars and pulpits etc. 
e. Post Ceremony. We will follow you wherever you go, to your photo shoot and to your reception. The photo shoot will be filmed along side your photographer, we cannot be held responsible for any incompliant photographer.
f. Reception and Speeches. We will film your arrival at your reception point and small segments of your meal. You need to inform us on meal times etc. It is entirely up to you on when you have your speeches, before or after the meal. We require that you give us plenty of notice of when you are choosing and how many speeches there will be. Your speeches will be filmed in full. It is our advice that you give out any flowers or gifts with your speeches. It is our advice to have your speeches before the meal. This will keep everything running smoothly. Your official cake cut will be filmed before filming is suspended.
g. Supplying a meal for our staff. It is not compulsory for you to supply a meal for our staff, if you do it is much appreciated. Supplying a meal will cut down the evening suspension in part 7h.
h. Evening Filming Suspension. Filming will be suspended in the evening to allow our staff rest, to eat and to complete paper work. The suspension depends on whether or not you desire to supply a meal to our staff. If you are not supplying a meal we will suspend filming for 1.5 hours, if you are supplying a meal we will suspend filming for one hour. We will choose the time of the suspension.
i. The first Dance and Party. It is our advise that you allow time to cater for our evening break. Your first dance should take place when we return, you should arrange this with your band or DJ. We cannot be held responsible for non-compliance of this rule. Your party can only be filmed if people are dancing. We will film your band if you are having one in the case of the dance floor being empty.
j. Other special events not included in our packages. You can arrange any other events to be filmed, like comedy etc. It is up to you to inform us. We cannot be held responsible for anything we have not been informed on.
k. Missing Important Events. You need to keep our staff up to date on important events. We can not be held responsible for the loss of anything on our packages that we have not been advised on.
8. Filming, Finishing & Copyright.  
a. Direction. CD Media Productions will only consult the party on events to be filmed, under no circumstances can you alter anything that has been filmed without the consent of CD Media Productions. We will direct filming of the event and for no reason can we be held to account for anything the signing party is not happy with. Our style and direction of filming is final.
b. Copyright and Duplicating. We retain all rights to any production that we capture, finalize, edit and produce. All CD Media Productions are fully licensed for copyright purposes, this includes disco music, hymns and music dubbed over the final product. All duplicate copies must be requested from CD Media Productions. If permission is granted for duplicating you must also consult MCPS and PPL.
c. Alterations. You can order a proof. A proof allows you to request alterations before receiving your final production. This does not effect how we film the event. If you have not requested a proof and would like to alter anything after receiving your final production, a re-edit will be required. A Deluxe Proof entitles you to unlimited alterations to the finishing and editing process. A Standard Proof entitles you to have the choice of alterations before receiving your final production, alterations will be charged to your requirements. You must consult us in person for all alterations within the time frame we give you. If you do not, we reserve the right to destroy your production file. A refund will be returned to you for any alterations that did not take place and you will accept our final cut of your production.
d. Finished Product. We will design and finish the final product, this includes everything from the layout of the edit, special effects, titles, sequences, music and cover designing etc.
e. General Mistakes. Mistakes do happen on rare occasions, even in blockbusters. If there is any minor videography, editing or spelling mistakes in title sequences or on DVD covers, a re-edit will not be made by us, unless you have ordered a proof.
f. Technical Problems. If a technical error occurs during filming of your event: For example, if your ceremony is not recorded a full refund will be issued to you. If other parts of your day are missed, a partial refund to the value of that section of video will be refunded. If there is a serious problem with our equipment we will, if necessary use video equipment belonging to your guests and a partial refund will be awarded to you.
g. Winter Filming. Adverse weather does have an effect on digital equipment, you should allow our time for our equipment to acclimatise from a cold climate to a warm climate etc. You will be advised to wait for instructions to proceed.
9. General.
a. We cannot be held responsible for any injury that has been caused by misconduct of the party or their quests, either with our equipment or staff.
b. You  understand that by hiring CD Media Productions for the event, we cannot be held responsible for any acts of nature.
c. By booking with us, you confirm that you have read these terms and conditions and that you agree with them in full. By booking you agree to any new terms added to this contract.




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