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At CD Media Films, we produce our very own feature length documentaries and we shoot and edit for you too. To date, we have self produced both films in the Walking With The Wildman films series, Walking With The Wildman and The Woodwose. We aim to start part 3 in the series soon. If you would like to employ our services, to film or edit, please get in touch at




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2019 Documentary Feature produced for the IBRO.


Starring: Chris Dawson, Jim Bradley.

Directed By: Chris Dawson.

Produced By: Rachel Dawson


RELEASE DATE: December 1st 2019.


Available on Amazon Prime Video USA and UK.

Limited DVDs Available on Ebay. Seller: ibro_irishbigfoot

DVDs Currently Unavailable on Ebay, Please order by clicking the Link Below.













2020 Documentary Feature produced for the IBRO.


Starring: Jim Bradley, Chris Dawson, Ron Madden.


Directed By: Chris Dawson

                                                                                   Produced By: Rachel Dawson.


RELEASE DATE: December 1st 2020.


Available on Amazon Prime Video USA and UK.

DVD Release Date: TBC

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