Welcome To CD Media Productions Northern Irelands Finest Wedding Videographers
Welcome To CD Media ProductionsNorthern Irelands Finest Wedding Videographers

Coronavirus Policy.




Many of our customers have had a concern over the current Coronavirus Outbreak and how this will effect their weddings, including their wedding video production with us. Under the advice of the Northern Ireland Assembly all non essential services should cease operations until further notice. The Government have also said that weddings should not take place and this means any wedding booked within that time should now reschedule their wedding.


We will try our very best to accommodate you with another date free of charge, with any balance you currently owe remaining the same as agreed. It is advisable to talk to all your suppliers, to be sure of being accommodated by all and not just us. You need to target a month and get all available dates for that month from all of your suppliers, do not simply accept a date from your venue.


Thirdly, we had originally said that your balance would have been due as agreed on your original due date given to you when you booked for your orginal planned date. But to help everyone out and looking at our future as well, we are going to split any final payments remaining on all weddings that have had to reschedule. So 50% of your balance will be due 28 days before your original date and the remaining 50% will be due 28 days before your new date. If you have already paid in full, as many of you have, you do not need to do this. This will ensure our ability to survive the crisis and will prevent us from going bust.


In the event of your videographer contracting Coronavirus we will try our best to replace your videographer. We do have five videographers available at any one time and a mid week date should not be a problem. In the event of you or your partner getting the virus, the above will also apply.


We understand that Coronavirus is an act of nature and you or CD Media Productions can not be held responsible for any acts of nature and all we both can do, is our best. We cannot guarantee any of the above obviously, but we are fairly confident that working together with our customers, that all will be fine and we will be able to accommodate everyone. But again, talking to all your suppliers is ultimately the best option to be able to have all your suppliers and not just us, that you currently have booked.


At the end of the day, CD Media Productions are here to help and accommodate all our customers and once again, we will do everything in our power to support our customers throughout this crisis. So far we have moved every single wedding no problem.




If you would like to book with us you are more than welcome to use our online booking service, unfortunately we are not permitting any booking appointments or consultations during this crisis. All other consultations scheduled are also no longer available until the crisis comes to an end.




All post coming in and going out cannot be accepted throughout the period of this crisis. If you are due to get your wedding video during the crisis this will entail unnecessary travel and non essential business, so unfortunately we cannot post or permit you to call at our office. Please also expect delays during the crisis for videos to be ready. Please do not send us anything via post as we will not accept it from the post office and your mail will be lost.


Obviously none of these measures are in any of our interests, but in order for our customers to have the easiest transition to a new date and ultimately for the survival of CD Media Productions, they are essential. Thank you for booking with CD Media Productions and we hope all our customers and their families stay safe throughout this crisis.


Valid until further notice.

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