Advert & Promo Terms + Conditions

Terms and Conditions.


Booking and Confirmation.


You can confirm your Booking by paying an Optional Non Refundable Booking Fee of £50, this will ensure that the agreed date for filming will not be altered by CD Media Productions. Please note, that we retain the right to move any date that has not been secured by a Booking Fee.




Advertising, Promotional videos, Reels and Shorts will be directed by CD Media Productions on the advice of the customer providing and showcasing their product. The customer should detail as required by CD Media Productions, all information requested before Filming takes place. The customer should have all products and scenarios in place before Filming begins.


Payment and Fees.


The fee agreed for the chosen package or Filming arrangement, will be required before Filming starts on the first day of any shoot. The agreed fee is non refundable once our crew have arrived to begin Filming. Payment is required on the day, even in the event of a reschedule being called before filming begins or during filming.




You must give us 7 days or more notice if you need to cancel your production with us. A Fee of £100 will be required to cancel your production. If you have paid a Booking Fee, you will not be charged a Cancellation Fee and your Fee will be retained. If you give us less than 7 Days notice, a Fee of £200 will be required, even if you have paid a Booking Fee.


Reshoots and Rescheduling.


A reshoot may be requested by CD Media Productions in the event of any particular scene or clip not looking right or not fitting into the rest of the shoot. Or for anything potentially missed at the original shoot.


A shoot may have to be Rescheduled due to adverse weather (if shooting outdoors) or for any reason there is a malfunction of our equipment or indeed any other circumstances arise that will hinder Filming on the agreed date and time. CD Media Productions will arrange a new Filming day with you.




CD Media Productions are not liable to provide any service that has not been paid for, CD Media Productions are not liable for any shoot that has been cancelled due to any unforseen circumstances arising. CD Media are not liable for any injury or damage to people, possessions and property caused by anyone or anything being careless with our equipment our staff or any other things associated with CD Media Productions. Customers should ensure that all filming locations are kept in a safe manner, CD Media Productions are not liable for any unsafe filming locations.


The Final Production and Changes.


CD Media Productions will finish the video to the highest standard possible and will then provide the customer with a viewing of each video produced. The customer can request any changes that are possible to make at this point. Please note that all requests may not be possible and CD Media Productions hold the right to deny any changes to the videos.


Ownership of the Videos.


CD Media Productions retain the rights to all it produces for demonstration and marketing purposes. We do not hold the rights to any Music used in any video, unless we inform you. You should follow any guidelines or laws on uploading videos that contain any Copyright material that belongs to another artist. Our customers are free to use their videos for any purpose required.


This Agreement.


The customer is subject to any changes made to these Terms and Conditions and is subject to all our current policies written here in.

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